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Prof. Dr. Polleit: Future Money System could be mixture of competing private currencies incl. Gold and Bitcoin

German Interview, go to 9:15 min:
Professor Dr. Thorsten Polleit from Degussa Goldhandel is pleading for an end of today's monopoly of money and says that with a future free competition of currencies we don't know today what will be the final outcome, and it could be that gold, silver or even bitcoin, or a combination of a small number of different means of exchange of value, would fulfill the role of money.
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Value of Bitcoin Symposium Vienna 2020 Highlights Panel Discussion - Does Bitcoin outperform gold? Prof. Dr. Thorsten Polleit Bitconometrics – Econometrics in Bitcoin  Manuel Andersch Value of Bitcoin - YouTube

As bitcoin matures, the largest cryptocurrency trades more like gold, a store of value, as evidenced by the two assets’ close correlation with each other this year. This correlation is likely to hold, said Mike McGlone, commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, and the same macroeconomic forces pushing gold higher are likely to drive bitcoin as well. So if bitcoin is starting to trade ... Faktenreiches und transparentes Gespräch mit Dr. Thorsten Polleit über die wahren verwurzelten Ursachen unserer globalen Krisen, Leiden und Symptome im Rahmen der Hayek-Tage2019 in Wien: das in Kollusion mit den Regierungen obsessiv kontrollierte Zentralbanken-Fiat-Geld-System. "Thorsten Polleit kritisiert das ungedeckte Geldsystem (Fiat-Geldsystem), das ökonomisch und ethisch defekt ist. Er hat Bitcoin sowie andere Assets (FIAT, Gold, Silber, Rinder, Lightning-BTC, „Shitcoins“) unter den Aspekten Store of Value, Medium of Exchange und Unit of Account bewertet. Dabei hat er es sich ziemlich einfach gemacht und die Punkte so vergeben, dass Bitcoin immer als Sieger dastand. Der Vortrag war schon unterhaltsam, aber als Zuhörer wurde man mit so viel Inhalt, Meinung und ... Thorsten Polleit Chefvolkswirt der ... based on a willingness to ascribe value to something that has little or none beyond what people will pay for it. But this isn’t the first time. The same ... Am 5. März bringt das Value of Bitcoin Symposium in Wien Bitcoin-Kritiker und -Verfechter zusammen. Ökonomen der österreichischen Schule legen ihre Perspektive auf Bitcoin und Gold dar, während die Unterschiede zwischen Gold und Bitcoin insbesondere in Bezug auf deren Begrenztheit evaluiert werden. Weiter wird über die Sinnhaftigkeit des Fiat Geldsystems diskutiert und dabei der ...

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Value of Bitcoin Symposium Vienna 2020 Highlights

Highlights from The Value of Bitcoin Conference on June 3rd, 2019. After more than 10 years, Bitcoin is still around and the signals that indicate Bitcoin is here to stay are only getting stronger. Yet, for many adopters, Bitcoin is much more than a digital asset – it is considered a moral stance, an expression of values, not only a medium of value. It is time to critically assess the ... Highlights from The Value of Bitcoin Symposium in Vienna on March 5th, 2020. This symposium was focused on the questions around Bitcoin as an alterative monetary system from the perspective of ... Thorsten Polleit is an Adjunct Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, US Alabama, and President of the Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland. His research interests are monetary econom Highlights from The Value of Bitcoin Lecture on December 11th, 2019. This lecture was focused on the monetary value of Bitcoin driven by its hardness which is captured by the stock-to-flow-ratio.